Blue Ribbon School

Our Philosophy

Challenger Basic School was founded on the principle that parents and staff will work together as partners to provide an education that encourages students to learn to think for themselves and to pursue academic excellence to the best of their abilities. The back-to-basics curriculum, accelerated pace of studies, and high expectations for academic achievement, behavior, and respect for themselves and others require a firm commitment from every parent, student, and teacher.

Our Mission

The mission of Challenger Basic School is to provide a quality education in every area of the curriculum. Implementation of the "Spalding" reading method will develop skilled readers, critical listeners, accomplished speakers, spellers, and writers. Students will reach their full potential and be lifelong learners through this enhanced back-to-basics approach to learning.

Our Curriculum

Challenger Basic School is an Arizona charter school that is committed to the foundational basics that has kindergartners able to read within a few months. It also has most students learning at advanced levels of 1-2 years ahead. Challenger is committed to seeing the students excel through back-to-basics teaching.

A solid foundation of fundamental and higher-level thinking skills is provided through a structured curriculum that is consistent within each grade level and sequential throughout the grades. The kindergarten through sixth grade curriculum is taught using whole-class instruction and approved teaching methods and is not interrupted for non-curricular programs or activities. A sequential curriculum will be utilized in the areas of Language Arts, Math, and Reading. New material is introduced each year which builds upon the previous year’s curriculum. Quality teaching strategies will infuse the relationship of the subject matter with real-world situations.