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Learn how we advanced beyond the basics to become Gilbert's highest ranked elementary charter school.

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Certified Educators

All teachers are Arizona state-certified with the Highly Qualified designation.

Focus on Academics

Our accelerated curriculum combined with structured classroom environments provide for a tradition of excellence.

Excelled Curriculum

CBS' back-to-basics delivery of advanced curriculum leads to proven results & success.


We proudly celebrate Constitution Week & Founding Fathers Week every year.

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Challenger Basic School is an "A" Rated "Excelling" School

Challenger Basic School is a Back-to-Basics School without attendance boundaries open to all parents choosing to enroll their children. A parental agreement form indicating that the parent is aware of school policy and practices is signed as part of the enrollment process. The school offers a very structured, challenging curriculum including daily homework assignments Monday thru Thursday. Parental involvement is encouraged for the benefit of their child's academic progress. The mission of Challenger Basic School is to provide a quality education in every area of our "back-to-basics" curriculum. Implementation of the "Spalding" reading method develops skilled readers, critical listeners, accomplished speakers, spellers, and writers. Students reach their full potential and become lifelong learners through this enhanced "back-to-basics" approach to learning.

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