Challenger Basic Charter School

About Us

Challenger Basic School is an Arizona Charter School that is committed to the Foundational Basics. It also is a full curriculum school that has kindergartners able to read within a few months. It also has most students learning at advanced levels of 1-2 years ahead. Challenger is committed to seeing the students excel through Back to Basics teaching.

2014 Arizona’s #1 Ranked Elementary School

Challenger Basic School is named 2012 National Blue Ribbon School!

Challenger Basic School was given 2012 National Blue Ribbon School based on its “Exemplary High Performing” performance. Challenger is the seventh charter school in the state of Arizona to be given the award since its inception in 1982. Challenger is the only charter school in the entire east valley including Scottsdale to be given this award!
2012 National Blue Ribbon School Press Release

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